Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

How to care for the body after childbirth

How to care for the body after giving birth in order to stay beautiful and toned body , how to care for the body after childbirth needs to be done in maintaining and caring for the health and fitness of the body after childbirth . Methods of treatment of the body after childbirth through several means necessary to keep your body toned and not sagging . Even with doing body shape after childbirth care is certainly terhadao disorder symptoms such as fine lines on the body of the stomach due to the stretching can be lost easily .
Body shape after childbirth treatment is usually done in the days of Indonesian women after delivery under normal conditions . The days after delivery of course it is not easy to maintain the state of the body as usual . Growing transformation itself requires extra care to restore skin elasticity . In doing maintenance on how to care for the body after giving birth can menggundakan traditional treatment methods of the natural herbs that have long been used to restore the body after childbirth .
With proper treatment can certainly control your weight and prevent complaints against health . This treatment should be used a week after the time of delivery .
massageForm of treatment to maintain and take care of her body after having a massage methods using aromatherapy . Besides being able to provide comfort and facilitate the circulation of blood , by doing massage in the treatment of the body after giving birth can certainly also prevent the appearance of cellulite in certain parts of your body . With the smooth blood circulation must not accumulate more fat deposits that become the cause of excess weight after giving birth .
tighten stomachTo restore experiencing abdominal stretch the days of pregnancy usually use bengkung or octopus or could also use a corset before applying tapel before it wraps on the abdominal area . Natural ingredients in the tapel such as betel nut , lime and eucalyptus oil is commonly used for 40 days after the delivery.
pilisUsage pilis on the forehead on the morning after a shower starting after delivery until the 40 days also helps accelerate blood circulation and prevent the white blood rose to the top . The case of the white blood rising to the top of this very high due to limited knowledge , would rise to the top of the white blood can harm the mother. The content contained on this pilis like kencur , turmeric , ganthi , peppermint and ylang certainly can reduce dizziness commonly experienced by mothers after childbirth .
paremHow to care for the body after giving birth would also have to pay attention to the legs , soreness that emerged for mothers after childbirth can be removed by rubbing parem containing ginger , kencur well as other materials that can help provide a sense of relaxation in the leg muscles straining that can trigger varicose veins in the legs and feet of the mother. Use of this parem should be used twice a day for a period of 40 days after delivery .
herbConsumption of herbal medicine during the postnatal period is 40 days after delivery . Where the herbal drink after giving birth can help the body heal wounds that may arise after childbirth . In addition to the efficacy of herbal medicine is certainly giving birth can also help maintain the health of the mother after childbirth as well as beauty.
The benefits of doing to take care of the body after childbirth is certainly an awful lot like ; improving blood flow throughout the body and also helps facilitate the lymph . Can help eliminate lines that appear on future pregnancy belly . Reduce varicose veins and help the blood vessels work more easily . Provide a sense of relaxation in the muscles under stress after childbirth . Helps restore the uterus to its original position . Avoiding the mother of the anxiety that usually appears the days after giving birth . Restore firmness and elasticity of the skin . Facilitate the establishment of such bodies pda original condition before delivery .